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Proffesional Lace Wig Installation


Having a hard time with your new lace unit ? No worries, what ever you do don't ruin your unit , instead get in installed by our beauty consultant.
We offer full lace wig and lace fronts application by appointments only. To schedule an appointment please call 408-800-6307. Please leave a message with your return call number and we will call you back. You can also email and we will send a response email with our available slot for application. Please send a reply A.S.A.P because an appointment is not guaranteed until it has been confirmed. There is a possibility that an available slot that we might have emailed you will not be available by the time you send us your reply email. The sooner you reply the better the chance you might have in securing an appointment. Please call us or email us at least with in 24hrs regarding any changes to your appointment.

What you should know about the application process and how long a hold time will be achieved

* We use a triple adhesive application technique, your lace wig will have a good lasting hold, No slippage, Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

* The price we charge for a lace wig application is a reflection of our time, knowledge, talent and supplies used.

~ To get an application that lasts a MINIMUM of 14 days, the adhesives need to cure between layers. Because we provide a professional lace wig attachment service, it takes a minimum of 2 hours to correctly and perfectly apply your lace wig.

You do not have to bring your own products; the adhesives for your application are provided. We use a combination of tape and liquid adhesive for a long lasting hold. We use only walkers line of adhesive products for our application process (Walkers ultra-hold, support tape, no shine and proflex) If you have a highly sensitive skin please let us know when you schedule an appointment so that you can have a patch test done prior to your application. We are not responsible for any irritation cause by adhesive products. We have had excellent result from walker’s product but all skin types are different, please take that into consideration. You are welcome to bring in an adhesive of your liking that you deemed safe for use for your skin type. Please note: If we use an adhesive that you brought in that is designed to provide a short holding time we will not be held responsible for not achieving a long lasting hold time. Most of our clients are able to achieve a 4 to 6 week hold with minimum touch ups mostly to the nape. How long a hold time you are able to achieve depends on your lifestyle (activity level), skin type, your maintenance skills, and nature.


>Full lace wig application: $100

>Lace front wig application: $50

Additional info: We use skin protector for all application and a wig liner cap is optional. No additional charge for these. *please do not forget to bring a scarf to secure your lace in place as this helps with adhesion. If you forget to bring a scarf don’t worry we will provide one to you with a small fee

Preparation prior to appointment:

• Your own hair must be washed and conditioned prior to an appointment. If you are suffering from hair loss don’t worry because we provide maximum privacy during our application process.

• Do not worry to braid your hair down as this service is included in our fee. We want to make sure that we have your hair as flat as possible for a seamless application.

• Your skin and lace wig has to be in good condition prior to wig application and able to withstand the use of adhesives, no compensation for any damage to your wig during application or any adverse reactions you may have to the adhesives as you should always test your skin for sensitivity to adhesive.

Can my hair line be damaged from using adhesives?

Lace Wigs are not damaging to your hair. It all depends on the adhesive you are using and the patience and technique used when removing your unit. Some people complain that their hairline are damaged but if you are using the RIGHT remover for the adhesive you use then it should not break the hair on your hair line. Lace Wigs are more beneficial to your hair than weave that pull from sewing or from the black glue you use in between parts. It should give you a break from the daily wear and tear of styling, perming, coloring etc.

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